Pistol of PSM Version.

   This pistol was designed to fit the novel 5,45-mm*18 cartridge. The designers were to solve a challenging task to design the arms for concealed carrying, which predetermined the apperance and design of the pistol. The invertors succeeded in this work and developed the sample witht maximum thickness of 21 mm.

Калибр - 5,45 мм                                                                
Масса с патронами - 0,50 кг                                            
Общая длина - 155 мм                                                      
Емкость магазина - 8 патронов                                      
Боевая скорострельность - 8 выстрелов за 10-15 сек
Серийное производство с 1974 года                               

   This pistol of PSM version has been serially prodiced since 1974 at the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant. The PSM pistol iz used as a personal weapon by top-rank officers and generals of the Russian Army and officers of the Special Servises.
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Pistol of PSM, Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, psm
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pistol of psm, psm, Ижевск
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